Unfortunate Departure

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Hi All,

Unfortunately I am the bearer of bad news, due to recent internal events Bunny Has been asked to leave the team.

Thanks for all your hard work Bunny, we wish you the best of luck.

That’s all folks.

Street Obsessions Management.

A Depature

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We unfortunately announce that SOWilczek has decided to leave the team.
We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.


SO Management.

Recruit Monday #6

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Recruit Monday #6 (February 19th 2018)


Today is a good day for Street Obsessions. We have had a great start to the year and a plentyful amount of new faces join our Family. Please join me in congratulating SO●Hamish as he is now apart of our family! During his time as a recruit he impressed us and therefore we have decided to finally award him his promotion as a full member.

On an even more positive note we would like to inform you all of the two new recruits we have decided to invite SO●Gaz(GarethEgglestone) and SO●lMark2k (marcal_m).

Good luck to both!

Welcome to the family SO●Hamish!


Street Obsession’s Management.

SORL Round 3 Results

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Firslty, apologies for the delayed post. This is simply due to lack of personnel to review the race and actions, and to write up and post the results.

Round 3 took us to Weshill in our definite most interesting race so far this season, firstly there were the crashes between ALM Joan & S.Astley in L1 (then the other one later on) as well as LucianLS' crash within L1 as well, this race also hosted a few very good looking battles, my favourite was in fact the battle near the back between Rzonda, Redbot_ & LucianLS.

In terms of drivers we had 13 drivers finish!

In another note SORL has ONE sign-up spot remaining. I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who signed up to race, I'm hoping we'll see a whole list one raceday.


(above - results)

The points table has left much the same way as after round 2:

In 1st is Getrag with 52 points, 2nd being Spiiiky with 50 points and Mikke with 40 points.
In the teams Street Obsessions 1 (30 points) has moved past [TC-R] (29 points)

Warnings / Reminders

S.Astley has been spoken to about his crashes with ALM Joan.

No action to be taken against Ikomap or LucianLS for their crash on L1

Round 4 announcement!

Round 4 of SORL will be taking us to Aston Historic for the 2nd longest race of the season (I think) with Aston Historic lasting 8.1KM per lap for 15 laps. This is a race that will test drivers fully as it is a race that will last for 121.5km. This race will take place on the 28th of Febuary 2018 with Qualifying starting at 18:00 GMT!

Street Obsessions Racing League Round 3 Reminder!

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Street Obsessions Racing Logo

SO-RL: Round 3

Hi Racers, we’re less than 2 days away from Round 3 of the Street Obsessions Racing League.

Race will be held on the Street Dedicated Server with Airio and our resident restriction enforcer!

Good luck to all, we wish to see you there!

Happy Racing,

Street Obsessions

Recruit Monday #5

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Recruit Monday #5 (February 5th 2018)


Firstly before we start today’s announcement I would like to apologize for the late announcement, we had to discuss this rather particular batch of Recruits more in depth and it took longer than expected.

On a way more positive note… since we established our ‘open recruitment’ policy it has been quite effective for our organization. The first month of 2018 saw us welcome 9 new friendly faces to our family. Within the first month of this year we have welcomed 6 of these 9 new recruits to our ranks as fully fledged Members.. It is because of this we would like to continue this versatile pattern of inviting the deserving to our ranks by welcoming the well deserved promotion of SO●Wilczek(patryk1967).

Unfortunately we have came to a decision that SOEphwurd will no longer continue to play with us and therefore has failed recruitment. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavour’s Ephwurd.

Wilczek will be joining our family with a full fledged membership. We would like you to join us on congratulating Wilczek on his promotion and help him embrace the new position!

Welcome to the family SO●Wilczek!


Street Obsession’s Management.

SORL Has hit 32 sign-ups!!

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Hi everybody! I’m just popping this news in here 1w prior to Round 3 of SORL to say we’ve reached 32 TOTAL SIGN-UPS what this means is in 8 sign-ups time (if we reach that) I’ll have to close sign-ups!

Round 3 of SORL is 1 week away, the Street Dedicated server is open with WE1 (The track we’re using) as well as Airio, come hop on and practise!

One final thing is after 2 rounds I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has attended SORL already this year, lets hope for higher driver count for future races!

Addition: If you use a specific skin for SORL and want the ful res to be featured within our highlights video send me a forum PM with said skin in full resolution! This will be passed to the video creator(s)