Street Obsessions Sporadic Racing – Race #1 – Jokkis (Aka: Folkrace)

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Street Obsessions – Sporadic Race #1 – Jokkis (Aka: Folkrace)


Our first sporadic event we want to start off with a bang, so due to this we’ve decided to start with Jokkis (Aka: Folkrace) a inexpensive, entry level form of Scandinavian rally cross.

The event will take place across 5 heats (7 laps) & 1 final (10 laps) with races having no specific starting order.

The track itself is a replica (with a few edits) made by Sindre Silva of Kalvholmen Folkrace track situated in Sweden.

The race itself will start at 18:00 GMT and last approximately 40 minutes (all heats and finals). (18:00 -> 18:50/19:00) after the race has finished we’ll put on a few short sprint races (3 Laps) for those who want to stay on a little longer.

The car used for this race will be the XF GTI (XFG)




Due to the kind of racing a different style rulebook will be made. As Rally cross is a close, slightly filled with contact formula we’re expecting accidental contact to happen a lot, that’s just rallycross.

  1. No INTENTIONAL contact (we understand mistakes happen)
  2. If you roll and land off the track (or out of the raceway: eg beside the road) you don’t have to shift+p
  3. Pitgate will be shut before races (so spectating or pitting means your out)
  4. No corner cutting allowed. (most turns are marked
  5. Strictly no WW.

Want more information? Go visit the forum posts at the following links for information!

[TC] Forum

LFS Forum

Street Obsessions – Sporadic Races Launched.

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We’ve launched sporadic races!


For anybody who doesn’t know what sporadic races are, they’ll be ran every so often with no set timetable or frequency to them, we’ll give at least 2 weeks notice on here, the two forums and social media (if applicable) to when a race will happen!


If you’d like more information please visit one of the two forums;

Street Obsessions Racing League – Race 1 – Blackwood GP

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Round 1 of Street Obsessions Racing League has been completed. 18 drivers started on the grid and 16 finished. Standings are below!

1st: AA spiky
2nd: [TC-R] Adam
3rd: Getrag
4th: nv.Dennis
5th: B2R Skattle
6th: [TC-R] Pete [VR] (madman)
7th: Rejekt
8th: SO E.Ekmekcibasi
9th: [GLOW] Ripstie
10th: SO R.McKenzie
11th: M@CI3K
12th: 9397
13th: Jam616
14th: SO Rzonda
DNF: SO L.Glynn
DNF: AA Mikke

Find out more:—Official-Thread

New Logos

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2018 has officially started, I can tell you that. When 2017 ended, I said to my team that we wanted to launch 2018 with a bang! 2013 was already a long time ago and although Pete an excellent job back then with our image, it was more than due that we updated our logos.

It is with great pleasure that I would like to show you our 2018 Logos! As usual, our resident graphic designer Audiojack went all-in for our new designs. We decided to go with something a little more actual but we kept our simplist designs. We also made sure to offer a design that could be tweaked to fit multiple purposes.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

New Recruits

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Our “open recruitment” policy has already been quite effective. I would like to gladly announce the arrival as recruits to the following players:


Warm round of applause to all the newest recruits. We wish them good luck in the recruitment process.

Now proudly supporting Assetto Corsa

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It’s with great pleasure that i’d like to announce that Street Obsessions is now hosting its very first Assetto Corsa server! Our goals for this server is to offer a similar playstyle to [TC], meaning that it’ll be more of a Freeroam/Cruise server. We plan on having a track rotation to please everyone and the car list is quite varied, with a tangent towards regular production cars.

The track currently loaded is a sure value: Lake Louise We will be rotating tracks every week, trying to offer different driving styles. Racing, Drifting, Cruising will all be featured, providing fun for everyone.

This is the current official list of cars supported on the server. We went with official vehicles picked between Base, Dream Cars and Japanese DLC. No need to download fancy cars, easier access for everyone.

There you have it. The server is currently set to offer 20 slots. Jump online if you wanna have some fun. We hope to see you there soon!